KIPping at last!

  • May. 21st, 2009 at 5:29 PM
knittykat: Hello Kitty face, knitted by me. (Default)
Finally, I have discovered the joys of KIPping (Knitting In Public, for those of you who don't speak Knitting)! Usually the things I'm working on are too big/take too much yarn/are too annoying to take places for me to be able to do this, but last week I was showing [personal profile] ghosts how to knit and so I took so yarn and needles along with me so I'd have something to do while she worked on her piece.

Out of this came two dishcloths. They're those ones that apparently people's grandmothers make, the ones on the diagonal. I'd never made one before, so that was fun. I also now want to play more with cotton yarn, and have bought some Lily Sugar N' Cream so I can do so. (I think I actually want to make a skirt or shorts out of it... cotton's nice and light, and seems to be a good thing for summer!)

While I was on my way home on the bus, a couple of girls sitting across from me admired my backpack (the Hello Kitty one - the front panel of it is my icon) and were asking me about knitting. We had a nice conversation, as I'm always happy to share the joy of knitting with others! You'd think it was a religion or something. ;P

As for what I'm working on now... I'm making a GIR. His head and body are finished, but he still needs limbs and eyes. Wonder if I can also make him a cute little doggie suit?

Also... it's really hot lately. This makes me disinclined to do much of anything... and oddly, I've been finding myself betraying my natural hide-in-the-basement tendencies and instead laying in the sun and getting a tan (which normally I hate). Any suggestions for light/small/summer-type knitting projects?

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